Dariusz Franczak 

Founder & Head Trainer

I moved to US as a 14 year old and have worked my ass off since I was 15. I loaded bags and pushed carts at grocery stores, did roofing jobs, siding jobs, loaded trucks for UPS, had a few office jobs (hated every one of them) and joined the Army straight out of high school. Shortly after I got out of the military, I got involved in the fitness industry.

Since moving to Denver four years ago, I worked for few amazing group fitness studios but knew I wanted to run my own business. And now, finally, I couldn’t be more excited and proud to share with you what we’ve built here at FIT HOUSE.

Kathryn Morgan


Her entire fitness career started with teaching Zumba where she fell in love with being a part of the most energetic time of people’s days. Since then she has worked day in and day out to become the most well rounded fitness professional possible. Coaching everything from step class to spin, cardio kickboxing to powerlifting, yoga to HIIT, she is sure to always provide you with a motivating energy to conquer your goals and improve your mind, body and soul along the way. Kathryn’s passion lies in strength training and mobility.


With decades of combined experience, our staff’s sole focus is helping you reach your fitness goals safely and effectively.