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Build strength and endurance, learn proper technique, or challenge yourself physically and mentally among an awesome community. We’ve got you covered!


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As one of our signature and most popular classes, Pure Lift focuses on building a strong foundation through functional movement. The goal is to practice proper technique, safely building strength and gaining muscle through varied reps, tempo, and weight.

The Breakdown

Fit House Fitness Gym Denver

Nix the fancy fast-paced moves and focus on only 2 - 3 exercises at a time. Build upon the basics with dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, and bands, changing up the modality to keep your muscles guessing.

We focus on specific muscle groups throughout the week to push your limits in each class without over-taxing the body.

Ready to become stronger and live your best life? Choose from one of the following muscle groups to get started!


  • Butts & Guts

  • Chest & Arms

  • Quads & Guts

  • Back & Boulders

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