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Fit House Denver | HIIT

You know what it is – HIIT is hard AF in the moment, but worth the calorie burn all day long! You can expect a well rounded combination of weights and cardio to efficiently and effectively increase cardiovascular endurance & build total body strength.

The Breakdown

Fit House Fitness Gym Denver


With multiple exercises at each pod, this HIIT workout will challenge your speed and strength as you tackle as many rounds as possible.

Fit House Fitness Gym Denver


Focus on one exercise per station to give it everything you’ve got before moving on to the next one.

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Fit House Fitness Gym Denver


It’s you against the clock – time to earn that rest! Once you have your equipment and space set, you will work to complete each exercise for a certain amount of reps in 60 seconds.

Fit House Fitness Gym Denver


Think cardio vs. strength mixed with a little bit of core work. With an allotted time for each aspect of this HIIT class, the name of the game is endurance and determination.