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Walk in strong. Walk out stronger.


This is how we do what we do, every day, in every session.

Fit House Fitness Gym Denver


We believe how you do anything is how you do everything. That means providing our members a quality experience in everything we do for you.

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Continuous Improvement

We work to inspire you daily. If we ever stop helping you improve, evolve and become an enhanced version of yourselves, check out pulses.

Fit House Fitness Gym Denver

Openness & Honesty

We are building an atmosphere based on trust. From how we coach to how we make changes, there are no secrets here.

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No matter your fitness experience or background, you are welcomed here. We prioritize helping each other and having some fun.


We're a community of athletes who care about fitness. Our groups classes are designed to motivate and encourage, but most of all push you to give it your all.

Group Fitness Classes

Whether your goal is to build strength, increase endurance & agility, master your punching & kicking skills or simply just challenge yourself physically and mentally, we’ve got you covered!

Fit House Wellness

Our workouts will no doubt leave you needing to recover. We have a cold plunge tub, infrared sauna, Normatec compression equipment and specialty classes to help you feel your best. Sessions can be purchased separately or at a discounted rate as a Fit House member.


We exist because of our amazing members. Here's what a few have to say.

I've been a member since day 1. This gym is the best in Denver, hands-down & I've tried lots of other gyms. The schedule & signing up helps keep me going every day. There's a recovery center next door to help you stay at the top of your game too!

Lauren R.

Awesome Gym! The workouts are incredible and will challenge you beyond your limitations. Trainers are great and appreciate there individual coaching and motivation during the classes! Equipment is the highest quality and you won’t leave disappointed!

Tim R.

Fit house ticks all the boxes for what I want in a gym!! 💪👍Cardio, kickboxing, yoga and each couple weeks it all changes up. Get a great variety of exercises and training and great peeps to train together and push each other.

A'nette N.

The workouts are on point and scalable to your specific level. The atmosphere and people are awesome and the owner and his wife are extremely passionate. This spot is 5-Stars! I highly recommend it if you are serious about your fitness.

Scott R.

Not yet a member? Check out our prices & packages.

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